iOS, offline

When I start my project and my board is offline I get a text at the top ESP8266 Offline, great. But after a few seconds it disappears, problem with this is that I may think that my ESP8266 is Online now.
Why not have the top border red when Offline and green(like today when it is Online?

This will give you a visible indication immediately and maybe a small text with Offline and Online??

Status indication is planned. Thanks for the feedback.

Hello All,

I would go even further, when I change something in the Blynk app e.g switch on heating remotely when returning to home by bus in a hurry and board is offline it ignore the command.
Would be great if the board would check the latest values when it back online even if I switched Blynk app on my mobile.

Is something like that planned or possible now?

Thank you in advance for your help.

@achilles_mj hello. This is already possible. When app sends command and no hardware online - server remembers latest pin state (those one you sent from app.). And when hardware goes online it can get this latest pin state.

We call this “syncing”.

Here is example.

You can sync all pins or only specific.