Ios notification pushed when user signed out

ios notification pushed when user loged out

Is that latest app? Local server? Versions? Shared app?

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This is Latest 2.13.0
Local server 28.10
Shared Project

Try to login to that project you’re getting notifications from and logout.

If that won’t help - go to the master project , remove and add back the Notifications Widget.

1 Like I just added the test for this case. No notification. Please make sure you are using exactly last server and last iOS app.

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that was. now working good. are you sure you are on Local Server? And Not Blynk Server?

Yes i’m sure i checked it again now.
i’m so confused about these problems :rofl:
Thank you for your Replies.

Yes. We need to remove shared access :rofl:

Really? Please do not that.

Just kidding.

uh…! GOD
Please Do not joke in this case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Continiues of doesn’t push notification after a log out and then log in…

01:35:05.215 ERROR- Error sending push. Reason MismatchSenderId
01:35:05.215 ERROR- Error sending push. Reason MismatchSenderId
01:35:05.221 ERROR- Error sending push. Reason MismatchSenderId

I loged out from shared app on ios and check the notification that’s not work(ok) but when i loged in again now the notification dosen’t work :expressionless:
I check the log
Missmatchsenderid One issue, One topic… and preferably please stop repeated callouts to developers who already know about your issue… since you already called them before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It is not that big of a forum :wink:

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Ok sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: