IOS Issue - projects dissapear.. and then re-appear on re-install of IOS app

Hi - wanted to report a potential IOS issue

I’m running local Blynk server 0.21.3 and latest IOS app.
I know there is work being done on a major update on IOS app but wanted to report the following issue which occurs seemingly randomly but very often and it is a real pain :persevere: to deal with.

I have about 10 projects on one user account - each project around 2-4 tabs so quite large.
What occurs sometimes when I log in via IOS app is the following : all but one of my projects disappears. The only way I can get it back seems to be by completely uninstalling the IOS Blynk app and re-installing. I don’t know why and I don’t know what if anything the IOS stores locally. I can confirm my Blynk user file is still same size and identical to the backup version so I don’t believe it is getting corrupt.

Any ideas as to why this may be occuring ?

Thanks for the report.

What occurs sometimes when I log in

Did I understand correctly that you are using few accounts on the same device? And therefore you periodically log out from one and log in into another?

hi eugene

l’m logging into the same account from the same IOS device (in the case that I’ve previously logged out). Or the application is coming out from background mode and endeavoring to auto-connect/login
The IOS app tries to re-connect/or sync but seems to fail and only show one project. As indicated this occuring randomly (I can’t pinpoint the exact conditions where it always occurs).