iOS bug - Time Input widget reports incorrect values when start/end fields are set to sunrise/sunset

I’m trying to use Time Input widget on iOS, and particularly keen about Sunrise/Sunset options regarding to the start/end time. However if I set either of start/end times on iOS 2.9.4, the app mistakenly reports to the server that I’ve selected 06:28. Initially I suspected that this is me doing something wrong, but even AdvancedTimeInput.ino sample code had this problem. I tested this on a couple of iOS devices, same deal. Then I tested it on Android and everything was hunky-dory.

So, to summarise, the Time Input widget on iOS 2.9.4, when either of sunrise/sunset is selected for either of start/end parameters, reports 06:28 back to the server with no indication that sunset/sunrise had been selected.

Thanks for the report. You are right, somehow iOS uses different sunrise/sunset designation. We’ll sort it out.
Sorry for inconvenience.