iOS BLE Support, is it being worked on or not?

I am trying to use a HM-10 module with Blynk but as stated on the widget, iOS is not supported yet. The HM-10 module works with all other BLE apps but can’t successfully connect on the Blynk app. I have seen a co-founder state in another post developed is not being worked on because BLE is not popular enough, is this true? Even in the Blynk app description it says BLE is supported, but then says it is not supported on the widget in the app.

I don’t recall any of the founders saying that it is NOT being worked on… but it is in BETA and there have even been a few recent posts about them troubleshooting various BT and BLE issues: Issues with new app version (BLE connection)

I can’t speak for IOS (I am Android user), but you usually have to have a BLE device paired to the phone before the widget is able to be selected.

Thank you for your quick response.
As seen on this reply here Dmitriy, a co-founder as I understand did state this January 7th. It just did not sound correct to me because I believe BLE is very popular. Hundreds of millions of devices, namely iOS use BLE.

Also it appears that an iOS device cannot connect to the HM-10 in the settings menu, and must be paired within the app that uses the device. All other apps that use BLE pair inside the app.

I am aware that the BLE is in beta and does not work at the moment, but I was just concerned that it may never be completed, even though it appears to almost be functional.

Again, I don’t know about the iOS side of things (iOS & Android… two totally different development branches)… but while I also personally believe BT and BLE is not AS popular for Blynk IoT applications (compared to WiFi, GSM & Ethernet), due to short range and limited data, dependent on app and poor monitoring over time (serverless). It is still clearly being worked on, probably just on a lower priority. @Dmitriy will have to chip in for the official opinion.

Hang in there and keep watching for the progress.

I am using HM-10 modules with Blynk app and it is working, but in version iOS app 2.9.0 BLE support is broken. You have to wait to next version.