iOS BLE does not reconnect automatically

I’m new to Blynk and I’m evaluating the product to replace a half-finished iOS app. Our current hardware runs on a Redbear BLE Nano, we’ll soon upgrade to the Redbear Duo and keep using BLE. The WiFi part on the Duo will only be used for situations where our product has internet access.

So I build a test-app with a BLE Nano, Arduino 1.8.0, and my iPhone iOS 10.2. The test-app does work, but I found that it does not automatically reconnect (BLE Nano to iPhone) once the connection is dropped. For example: a recompile, or leaving the room with the iPhone. I have to stop the Project, press the BLE icon, Connect again to the BLE Nano, OK, restart the Project. For our final project the project should automatically reconnect always to the BLE Nano.

Further more I’m missing features which seem already present in the Android version, like GPS, map, multiple devices, … When will these be available on iOS?

When will your app run with BLE and without internet access? Your manual says ‘soon’.

I want to have one project running on both iOS and Android and then sell it through your professional service. But then all features should be compatible and BLE should work without issues.

Last question, once we have finished our project and we build an app via your professional service. How can the customer connect to the hardware as the Auth Token is different for every hardware module.

this issue same as android to arduino nano+hm-10 ble . i had same thing.seems autoconnect not working on app side or maybe ble side i dont know well.

Please check out

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the demo does not work on iOS. I do not own an Android device so I can’t run the demo. Furthermore support for both Android and iOS is importand for our products and a reason to choose Blynk as a support platform.

iOS BLE does not reconnect automatically to me too.
It is not clear if it is a bug or it is iby design.