iOS 8 - Suggestion

Don’t think this is a bug, but could not figure where else to put it. I’ve got Blynk running on my iPhone 6. I noticed delays after logging back into the phone and using Blynk. Example: Under normal use my duino responds in about a second. However, after the phone signs off and I sign back into the phone and switch to Blynk, there’s about a 5 second delay before any commands will register. (i.e. I have buttons that I click and the duino does not respond).

I suspect that this may be Blynk re-establishing a connection. My suggestion would be to use the top status notification (where you say “Arduino not connected”) to state something like 'reconnecting" etc… That is if I am correct that this is the issue I am experiencing.

@deejayspinz What region are you from?

Canada - in Ontario.

(20 char min…)