iOS 2.9.0 Release

Hey blynkers!

As some of you may heard, iOS app has been going through the necessary refactoring process. Some significant portions of the app were rewritten from scratch. Good news is that the job is nearly completed and we’ve started testing beta builds.

Also, there are new features:

  • Vertical scrolling. From now on, your project layout is not limited to the device screen height. Just drag the widget to the bottom to enlarge the space.
  • Widget resizing. Some of the widgets can be resized to your needs. No more 'S and 'L versions.
  • Devices status. While in the running mode, tap on the ‘device’ icon in the navigation bar to check hardware online status.
  • Widget cloning. To quickly duplicate a widget, just drop it to the left part of the navigation bar.
  • Quick projects scrolling. While in projects gallery, tap and hold on the green dot at the bottom to quickly get to the project you need.

If you want to join us testing the beta builds, send me a direct message with your Apple ID (which is also an email). We’re using official Apple’s TestFlight application for app distributing. So, after I register your Apple ID, you’ll get instructions from Apple how to install the app.

** UPDATE **

iOS 2.9.0 is released and available in the App Store.


The scrolling window is great! Its just what was needed! :smiley:

I don’t have enough reputation to write a direct message and I don’t want to write my apple ID here, but I would love to try out the new version for iOS. Ideas?

@nadizan as a new user are you able to send a direct message to @Eugene with your details?

Nope, I’m not able to do that. @Costas

I don’t know how a new user becomes a proper user (time since registered / number of posts).

I will send you a general message to see if you can reply to me.

@nadizan try the direct message to @Eugene again, think you have moved up a level from new user now.

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@Costas Thanks, now I can message @Eugene! :slight_smile:

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Since the new release History graphs doesn’t reload automatically. You have to tap over the period number (1h, 6h, 1d, etc.) and then it refreshes.

When you have multiple devices in a project if you change a label on a virtual pin with Blynk.setProperty (like Blynk.setProperty(V13, "label", "my new label") on one device it changes the V13 on all of them.

Thanks for the report. We’ll look into this.

Thank you Blynk’s folks for the update. I am on iOS 10.3.1 , no issue here, all working great!

Hi. This latest update broke the functionality of some buttons in my projects. Even though these buttons are configured as Switches they keep acting in push mode.

Hardware: Particle Photon
IOS: 10.3.1 (iPhone 6s)

Thanks in advance.

Please send us the logs (right after you reproduce the issue) so we can check what’s happening there.

Hi. I instaled the new updated app on my iPhone and kept the old one on my ipad. On the new one, I tried a graphic widget to see what it was and when I removed it, the spent energy wasn’t returned. Then I tried the same with the old app and I could recover the energy when I deleted the widget. Is this a new thing on the new version or is it a bug?

Sounds like a bug. Or the widget wasn’t really removed due to e.g. connection drop. Send me the logs to check it.

Anytime, to make sure your energy statement is correct, go to the About page and tap on the “Reload Account” link. This will explicitly fetch the info from server.

Thank you for the fast response.
Never mind. I tried to remove a graphic widget and it returned the energy.
All is well. Not sure what happened. Perhaps I got the wrong perception on what happened.


I have updated to V2.9.1

I’m using a local server
I have 16 projects on one account. I’ve noticed (just in v2.9.0+) when scrolling through projects (which are all active) the IOS client freezes and then returns and in some cases takes many many seconds to activate a project view. Have you noticed the client being very clunky when scrolling through a list of many projects ? (btw: I have just sent across my logs in the hope it can help)