Invite members to org

I invited a member to my organisation and once i logged in with that email id from android phone, a pop up stated your free promo is over please upgrade your plan. And it is showing in billing pro plan is active and 57$/month and also there is option to downgrade to plus or free plan. Where as on my IOS there is no option to downgrade, add devices and members as i have not yet fully utilised the limit of 40 devices and 20 members.

Now i am having few doubts :

  1. What if the invited member accidentally downgrade to plus or free plan ? Will it downgrade?

  2. I was chose for pro plan for free from blynk team. What is the validity of the plan offered.

  3. How to remove a member from the organisation ?

Edit :

  1. Person A should be able to see n control device A and not any other device must be visible in the organisation. Is this possible ?

I am afraid to try all these myself… what if i mess up and loose the pro plan :sweat_smile:


Go to permissions and give that person access to owned devices.

Then transfer the device a to p a and done

Yes. We’ll introduce the “billing permission” at some point so only admin will have the access to billing section.

Go to the settings, Select “Users”, mouse over on user, select actions columns

Yeah that is very imp… what if by chance someone by chance downgrade my pro plan now ? I am afraid. I will uninstall the app on the other device ASAP :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:…

Don’t invite the persons you don’t trust :slight_smile:

It was my mom !! She is not into these apps much… so while trying something in the apps…. Like new features etc !! And suddenly sees 57$/month n 0$/month for free plan !! She will be afraid n select 0$/month :joy::joy::joy:

If customers made pro to free plan,. Imagine the situation HaHaHa :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Thanks for this idea… Nevertheless, I don’t want them to own my device but have acces to them and to their notification…

Any idea?