Integration with Google Home Assistant

Hi, I’m very new to all this and in the process of building up automation in the house. I have a couple of Sonoff Basic switches which can be controlled by Google Mini, I have also programmed one Sonoff with Blynk as well as a number of ESP-01’s with relays. All the devices work well both through the Blynk app and Google Voice command. Is there any way that the Blynk Devices can be shown as an Icon in Google Home (same as the original Sonoff or other commercial devices are) as I would like to add all devices to a “room”.

Thanks Barry

Hello. Currently that’s not possible. However, this is already done within the new Blynk version (it is for now only available for paid customers).

Thank you Dmitriy. Do you know if / when this will become a “standard” feature?


This feature is available from which paid plan? Plus, PRO or Business?