Hello there everybody!
first of all congrats on the great job you guys are doing!!! I am new to arduino and blynk.
However everytime I use blynk, especially for IOT, I am amazed by the ease with which I can get things done using the Blynk app.
I made an instructable… Want to share with you guys… Here you go It’s just the basics–which is what is needed to get anyone started on using Blynk.
I am a newbie so please forgive any mistakes and please feel free to leave any comments on how to improve and correct any blunts I might have made.
I believe there are great things to be achieved and learnt here. Looking forward to new widgets and project Ideas…


Thannks, Rahul! We already shared your tutorial on our twitter and facebook.

Glad that you like Blynk. Please continue sharing your knowledge. And welcome to fhe community!

Wow, thank you sir! It’s an honor… I am working in some projects, will upload some more tutorials soon…


Hi all, I have tried the tutorial, but I cant get the ESP12 to return anything on the serial monitor. What exact version of the firmware do you use? And also what board then do you select (Generic ESP? Node MCU 0.9? etc)? Thanks. Adi

use generic ESP8266

also - you have to match the baud rate - try 115200 instead of 9600