Instability of the ESP8266 and also the DHT sensor


Hi to all those that struggle with the instability of the ESP8266 with Blynk and the inability of the DHT sensor to behave.

I just wanted to confirm the following. Updating the Blynk library to 0.5.4 and the Arduino ESP8266 core to the latest version of 2.4.2. has turned my misbehaving delinquent adolescent wemos’s, who were forever going awol off line and freezing, into rock solid dependable adults. So, I know we have been told this as a possibility and maybe a necessity and perhaps I’ve missed it. However, I can absolutely confirm that for me it has happened big time.

Additionally the DHT sensor has been unstable on the wemos. Sometimes it reads OK and sometimes it just throws a hissy and returns NAN. I found the perfect solution by using the DHTEsp library available here.

There are a few coding changes but once done the call to the sensor works every time. I think this has been a topic before on this forum and there may well have been this suggestion but I thought I would throw it in here just in case.


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Not needing any help. Just making some statements which may help others.:wink:


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