Initiate Slider w/ Default Value

I think it would be a great idea if we were able to initialize the slider to equal a set value based on the program that’s running.

For example, if I have a threshold set within my program of 50, but want to be able to change that value based on a slider, the value of 50 is overwritten by the value of the slider each time.

The ideal situation would be to push an initial value to the slider, then be able to modify the value by moving the slider. Currently the slider initializes at the min value and resets each time.

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It’s a good idea, thanks.
We partially solved it in the latest update: stop button no longer resets widgets and we will improve it even further.

Ah! My mistake, I didn’t realize there was an update out until you guys pointed it out. This does seem to solve it for the most part! :smile:

I am just now noticing that the play button seems to press buttons initially. Let me try to explain what I see. I have an incrementing millis timer running in my sketch which counts up until 30 seconds. When it hits 30 seconds a flag is thrown and certain actions can’t happen thereafter. I have a button widget set to “reset” this counter so I can start it over.

It seems that after the counter hits 30 seconds, if I hit the stop button, then the play button, it resets my timer as if I pressed the actual button.