Industruino Controller

This group of contollers are compatible with the Arduino programming IDE. Will Blynk support it as well ? I do not see it in your list…I’m looking at the PROTO D21G specifically.


If they are truly Arduino compatible with a majority of the Arduino libraries, then you should be able to use Blynk as well… but you will want to use code and virtual pins, not relying on direct IO control as these devices probably don’t match exact pinouts.

Thanks for the info…

All of my Blynk implementations use virtual pins. I found it very handy to get in the path of user input from the phone app. Glad to hear that’s a plus.

I’ve also sent the Industruino design group an email to validate Blynk in their Lab. It’s a win for them if it works and hopefully they can mention it as a implementation solution.