Improved charts

Both superchart and the web dashboard chart are lacking flexibility when it comes to resolution (x-axis), and they don’t behave the same way either.
A better approach would be

  1. select time frame
  2. select resolution
    I would also like to see a scaling possibility by letting the user add a multiplier (value and unit) linked to time frame, resolution and datastream. As an example, it would make it possible to view a week with resolution “days” as used energy (kWh) in stead of average power (kW), by adding multiplier “24h”.
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Check the new Simple Chart widget

I haven’t tried it since it means upgrading to pro-plan, but have looked at the documentation. Except for the predefined time range/resolutions, I don’t see much related to my suggestion.
It is not available in web dashboard either. Regarding the time range/resolution, a better approach would be 1. select range 2. select among all possible resolutions within that range (stored as default for that range). But why not improve the existing superchart and web-chart? The latter even lacks scrolling on x-axis (unless zoom is used).