Important! Support drop for the App versions below 2.18.0

Dear all,

in few days we will drop support for the apps that are below 2.18.0 version. If you still haven’t updated your apps to the latest version please do that ASAP.
Also, we plan to drop old HTTP API format auth_token/pin/v123. If you still use it - please move to the latest API.

Regards, Blynk Team.

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Will older App versions stop working? Will there be some form of message?


No. this topic is a message :slight_smile:.

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You, regulars and I know that… but how many others really read these topics before posting “Help mees” left right and center :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanted to know what (if anything) to look for when the next “not working” post arrives :wink:

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And how many users ever bothered to read the forum? But they are often in rush to leave/change to negative feedback in app store (Android or Apple)… Humans are lazy and demanding creatures :wink:

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Thats is why I only communicate with my cat and the bots in this forum… wait… you are bots right?? :robot::robot::robot: :rofl:

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Sometimes I wish to be… I envy their endless patience! :smiley:

Hi @Dmitry- I assume the API format as per this web site: is staying as is ?

I’m asking as I’m not aware of an old HTTP API format or that one even existed.

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Yeah, that’s because we changed it 2 years ago :slight_smile:.

There only 3% of users on old versions, so I don’t think it is a big deal anyway.



is new http API working on local server ?



what about apps that work on local server?

you mean all apps?

Will older App versions stop working?
so when exactly this happen?

How we can do this?

upgraded blynk library to 5.2 and everything stopped working again.
local server version 33.4

Now what ?

Only those that use the public cloud.

Yes. In few days.

First you need to answer question - do you use old HTTP API in format stated in topic?

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Please create separate topic, it not related to current thread.

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so the APPs on local server will be work as well correct?

Correct. Until you update server.

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После обновления приложения отвалились все ESP что делать?