Import QR code from ios

I’m workjing on a project which will require a QR code to be read through an iphone and sent via Blynk for processing. I know the last part is OK what about the QR reading part?
Can this be done?

Not in Blynk. The only QR code reading functionality in Blynk relates to importing cloned or shared projects. There is no widget to allow a non-Blynk project QR code to be read via the app.

The only possible solution I can think of with iOS is to find a 3rd part app that reads QR codes and can make API calls to push the data to the Blynk server that way. This might be possible using the “Shortcuts” app, but I’ve never tried it.


Just tried this with shortcuts and it does actually work.

The IP address is the IP of my local Blynk cloud server (Frankfurt) and should be the same for you (as you also appear to be in the UK, based on your IP address).