I'm New Here Please Help

I have raspberry pi3 and i want a small help

i dont know how to make the raspberrypi read my rfid tags and show a message on my blynk says “the tag is here” while the rfid tag is on the reader

and while the reader isnt reading my tag shows the message " the tag is lost "


Don’t forget about Googling for projects using RFID tags and RPi… Blynk can help with the data display after you have ID information, but you need a program running on the RPi and proper device wiring for the main RFID part… but none of that will be Blynk specific.

Blynk - RE-SEAR-CH

We can help along the way as you learn about Blynk… but the rest of the programming and design is up to you :wink:

Start here and work your way through the Help Files, Examples and Documentation.