Im having problem with the new Blynk

Hi There!

i’m trying to use blynk even when offline. i’m using the new blynk version.
in the old version was just use Blynk.config();.

i read the documentation but i can’t understand it :frowning:
i tried but i can’t compile too.

I humbly ask for your help. how to make it work using the BlynkEdgent.

Thanks in advance!

Do not use BlynkEdgent unless you have an ESP32 device. For any other device, follow the Static AuthToken

My recommendation is: Do no use the BlynkEdgent at all, the way it is right now is too complex. Too many tabs are added to your sketch, etc. If you use tabs on your sketches as I do, well now your tabs will be very messy, very crowded!

Basically, you need to add these two new lines to your new or previous sketch :


Once again, read very carefully the Static AuthToken instructions, everything is explained there. Good luck!