IFTTT to Blynk: Maker Action Error(writing text to pin)


I have a problem with blynk and the maker channel web request.
I know there are several posts with a similar problem, but I couldn’t figure it out from these posts.
My settings:

URL: http://cloud.blynk.cc:8080/myAuthToken/pin/v1
BODY: [<<<1>>>]

Is working fine, but I am trying to send the e-mail address of the last person that sendt me a mail.
Somthing like this:
BODY: [<<<{{FromAddress}}>>>]

I have tried various formats, but none seem to be working.
I always get the “Maker Action Error”.
I have tried to updatewith curl and that works fine.
I’m using the iPhone app, if that makes a difference.
Any idea on what I’m doing wrong?