Ifttt + blynk + esp8266 (get Data from Blynk-Server)

I have an esp8266. This sends analog values ​​to the Blynk server…
With the Blynk APP, I can also query this data.
How can I use ifttt to query this data from the Blynk server with a topic?
The Project is: I will ask GoogleHome… and then IFTTT get Data from Blynk-Server.
I would be very grateful to you for your help.



Thanks for the information. Sending info about setting pins on the ESP works fine but I want to query data in the Blynk cloud with ifttt that the ESP sent there. This information should then be issued with a request from google Home …
Are there any examples …

oh, sorry, IDK

It really depends on what data you’re trying to retrieve from the Blynk server, but the principals should be the same as setting the values using IFTTT. I’m fairly certain that I’ve seen examples of how to query the state of a switch widget is some of the examples, but I’m not going to do your searching for you.

The Blynk API documentation is here:
This will show you how to read values from the server.

Note that the Blynk docs say:
“Warning: Blynk HTTP API still has GEO DNS issue. This means, for now you need to use direct server IP instead of hostname in order to make it work with 3-d party services like IFTTT.”

So, if you’re using the Blynk cloud server you’ll need to ping blynk-cloud.com to get the IP address of your local Blynk server and use this in IFTTT.