If I put the Blynk app in the background, Video Widget continues to steam for a certain number of minutes (anywhere from 5-8), then the streaming stops

I stumbled on this issue from 2 years ago via searching, and am still seeing the connection maintained as indicated above. I am using the latest Android beta 2.27.2.
Is this issue supposed to be fixed in this version?

Thanks - Steven

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Thanks for your report, we’ll check on our side.
We need to know your device’s Android OS version, and are you using rtsp stream?

Here is my Android information:

  • Phone: LG V30 (T-Mobile)
  • Android version 8.0.0 Patch level November 1, 2018

I am using an MPEG stream (HTTP:) from mjpg_streamer.

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Addtional information:

  1. If I put the Blynk app in the background, it continues to steam for a certain number of minutes (anywhere from 5-8), then the streaming stops. Streaming starts again when I bring Blynk to the foreground, as expected.
  2. If I clear the Blynk app from memory, the streaming stops, as expected. Streaming starts again when I start the Blynk again, as expected.
  3. If I hit the “stop” button in the upper right corner of Blynk, the steaming stops, as expected. Streaming starts again when I click the “run” button, as expected.

You just described normal or “as expected” actions for each step… This is how I want mine to work as well… so what is the issue you ran into?

The problem is the first part:

What I want to happen is for Blynk to stop streaming the video when the app is inactive (the original point of the OP).

First… the original OP was that the stream never stopped until the source did (among other issues). That is no longer the case.

This is one reason why reopening older topics is not the ideal as the “new” issue is not always the same. I split your issue into a new topic.

In what way does it negatively impact, if letting it run for a few minutes before determining no one is looking before it shuts off?

FYI @BlynkAndroidDev I think stopping it right away (if just in background) would be a bad thing… thus what is there is not a bug, but a good feature! I often bounce between apps and want my video signal to still be streaming (without reconnection delay) when I return… at least if I am returning in a short time frame.

@Gunner it is clearly a bug, as reopening the app will reestablish the connection in any case, because we are not maintaining background connection.

Too bad… When the weather dries up I will see how it (the reconnection delay) affects my rover use, and see if it is just another “feature” to miss :roll_eyes:

It is a bugfix. You can check in current builds and see that the video is reestablishing connection on the app back.

I know it reconnects… but that often takes a few seconds, or just doesn’t work 1st, 2nd, 3rd, time… so a simple check on another app status often left me without a video stream, or strange artifacting, etc. upon return.

Again, I think a solution would be a simple user option to leave the stream running or not (at least running when in background… obviously not when App shut off or in edit mode). This is also useful when I use audio as I can be “acusticly aware” of stuff happening on/near my rover while I am not actively looking at the App.

I just checked with my Rover project first time since last fall… so obviously changes…

Yes, audio keeps working after I check any other App (unknown about the video, but doh, one goes with the other so I assume it is still working as desired :stuck_out_tongue: ).

However, now even though it is still streaming, both audio and video are lost in the “reconnection” when I return to the App… often never reconnecting until repeated exits, returns… Yet another reason to leave a stable stream alone.

Anyhow, that is just my two bits in reference to this OP.

I like the idea of a user option for this (as part of the video streaming widget config). But then, I am an engineer and I feel most apps in the world don’t have enough configurability. :slight_smile:

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