Ideology of blynk for several client

Hello, I’m a new user with Blynk. Let me say a big thank for you product.
I have a little problem with understanding, how can I use Blynk.

I have write a simple blink project (with blink LED) on esp8266. I have made a Blynk project on my phone. They are work correct.
When I had “generate link” and shared this project to another phone - the second phone correct worked with my main esp8266.
I don’t understand is this possible: I will made the same several esp8266 devices and will give they other peoples. I will share Blynk project each of them. How each Blynk project can identify own esp-device? Is there any users option? Can I in the future upgrade Blynk project on my admin phone and the project correct upgrade on other phones?
Thanks for you advice. Sorry, if I don’t clear explain my problem :slight_smile:

there is a blynk for bussines which can do exactly what u want. But it is not cheap.

Thank you very much for your answer. Where can I find the price?


You need to manually setup it.

Yes. Blynk: a low-code IoT software platform for businesses and developers

I would say it is very cheap.

It depends on how “big” business are you running.

App development will cost you many money despite of “how big your business is” :slight_smile:

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