I want use void loop. can i?

I started a GPS project and everything is working well, but I need to have a few void loops in if I have about fifteen if if each one executes a command How should I use them? Can i add inside a void loop or is there a specific solution?

thanks for your response.
But this GPS is installed for the car, and I want to use the Arduino board that I used for Blink to use the alert for both the lower cost and the callback if the car door opens when the alert is activated. I had all the documents related to the void loop, but the problem is that you can not use the timer because if the glass is broken, we can not wait 1 second. Maybe the vibration sensor does not feel vibration between these 1 second timer. I need the sensors to be in the void loop.

Well depending on how your vibration sensor works, you could us an interrupt routine.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll need to send a constant stream of GPS data. If you do then your GPRS bill will be high!

You could monitor your sensors on a fairly short timer, then if one is activated send your alerts and begin your GPD stream. If the sensors aren’t activated then you could send your GPS stream using a much longer timer (10 minutes say).


Thank you very much for your advice
If it is possible to summarize the sample code, it is a good tip for me and I think that there are others

I’m not going to write your code for you, and even if I wanted to outline the processes then you’ve not provided sufficient information about your desired functionality to do that.

I’d suggest you start by working-out what you want the device to actually do. Consider scenarios w her the car is in use and when it’s parked but not being broken into. Then consider what you want to happen if the car is broken into.
When you’ve some that, start writing and testing your code in a modular way, and share what you have, along with details of the issues that you’re experiencing; plus details if the hardware you’re using and your functional specification. Community members will almost certainly chip-in with advice and assistance.