I want to add light sensors to my geenhouse project. Use Nodemcu's digital pins

Hello Blynk friends. I’m trying to add a light sensor to Nodemcu’s digital foot. Use to turn on the lights when it is dark, turn off the temple when it is bright, and it can be turned on and off on Blynk .The wire is my light sensor

Hello.Toro_Blanco. I want to add an LDR, a light to my geenhouse model, can you see if it helps me? I also use Blynk.

What have you tried, and what isn’t working? The small amount of information you have provided is not enough to help.

I sent code greenhouse to you. I want to add a light sensor to nodemcu’s digital pin. So it can turn on the lights at night and turn off the lights during the day. And on / off on Blynk

Please don’t send stuff directly to me. Post it here so all can assist. Be sure to properly format the code so it displays correctly.

The example I posted here shows how to read the input from a digital pin, and make changes based on its state. That should be enough to get you going.


thanks you.