I want Share one of my project with two devices, how i did it?

β€’ Hardware model + communication type.
I have two device to use, one of a raspberry pi 2 B+/ Ethernet connection with relay board in my home, one of a raspberry pi zero w/ wifi with relay board in my shop
β€’ Smartphone android 8 oreo
β€’ Blynk server, i’m using it
β€’ Blynk Library version, i dont know
β€’ Add your sketch code. my sketch code is simple blynk library code

my question is how to share only Shop Project, in phone app i separated two device and buttons with using tabs and sharing two devices with my brothers, they using it and working fine. But i want share only ''Shop Project β€˜β€™ with my employees, how can i do it?

You can only share the entire project, not just segments of it.

You would need to make separate projects and share then individually. At least with the RPi, you should be able to have separate client sketches running concurrently, each controlling some of the same GPIOs (I can between a Python and NodeJS client)… but you might have to switch to using virtual pins and code, not direct pin control from App.

Thank You for your message, i will do it…