I want code for making gps tracker with ttgo tcall

i tried to make gps tracker with ttgo tcall but i failed plz could you help me coding me a code for gps traking using ttgo tcall and neo 6m gps tracker

Firstly, this forum isn’t a code factory. We help each other with Blyuk related issues where we can.
Secondly, it’s very unlikely that many people will have the same hardware as you, so even if they felt inclined to help they would find it very difficult.

The first step is to get this system working without Blynk. Get your devices working correctly together and printing the data you want to the serial monitor.
Then, introduce Blynk into the equation, making sure that you follow the coding rules that are defined in the Developer section of the Blynk.io website and the documentation linked at the top of this website.
If you run into difficulties with the Blynk part then post your code, explain in detail what issues you’re having, and explain how you have configured your Blynk app.