I want buy more widget, how?

i want buy more widget, how?

For Android, stop the app by pressing square box (top right), press circle with + in the centre of the circle (again towards top right) then click + Add button and select how much Energy you want to buy (processed via Google Play).

i know this steps but Buy button does not work!!!

Maybe you should have said that in the OP.

Now provide some useful information like iOs / Android etc etc.

i use android application version 2016-06-02
everything except this OK.

What device are you using? What OS version is on it (Settings - About device)? What is yours application version (Settings - Applications - Blynk)?

Have you downloaded it from Google Play?

Suggest you upgrade the app version has there have been 3 updates in the last few days alone.

Have you bought Energy before?

download the apk by the link and install it on your android device. then open the screen with buy buttons and click on any of them. after the clicks - if nothing happens - make a long press on the screen title (“Add power”) and it should show you a share dialog - select gmail or your email client and send the attached log file to me (alexkipar@gmail.com)

When you run a local Blynk server and buy Energy, Blynk will still get the money, right ?

@fxfever You don’t need to purchase energy for local server, but if you do and unless your local server is saving up to purchase weapons for the robot uprising :wink: then yes, I believe Blynk still gets paid… I think of it like donating.

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@Gunner - Perfect - Thanks! :slight_smile:
Yes, I know it’s free on locals so yes I would call it a donation as well.