I phon 4 issue connect to app

Hello i have iphon 4 with ios 7.0.3 and cannot make any update just i install blynk app 2.25.0 cannot login mi username is *****@gmail.com.
please if someone can help me to connect to app.
On setting of iphon 4 in the bottom i have blynk button , when i pres appear server ip and port maybe cold be from there

First… I would recommend you don’t post your email here… No other users here can do anything with it to help your account… but spam you… yes, that can happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know if a iPhone 4 can even run Blynk properly? My 4s with 9.3.5 is painfully slow as it is.

NOPE. Sorry, but the App store page for Blynk shows you need iOS 9.0+ I am surprised you could even attempt to install it.

Yes i lose to much time to install