I need to STOP or freeze the graph at cretin time

i am sending data to the super chart graph, no prob. but at certin condition i want to stop at a specific time and no more graph needed … how to FREEZE and stop the graph from getting update?

  • like my sensor draw a bell shape and its clear on the chart but it keeps going on the flat line after the bell shape . how to stop it once i had the bell shape and not to continue that horizontal line of zero value?

You could use a while() loop . . . eg

while (data > 0) {

You could choose whatever threshold you need.


Do you have the “connect missing data points” option turned on for this data stream?
If so, try turning it off.

You could also experiment with Y Axis Min/Max scaling where you set a minimum of 1 rather than 0.


I’m thinking an IF statement would be better than a while LOOP. A while loop would stay there and ignore BLYNK possibly long enough to loose connection with the server. Right after the data is generated check it and or the time like this and only write it if it matches criteria.

if(data >0)
   virtualWrite(V0, data);
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