I’m trying to integrate Google home with blynk

Dear friends, I’m trying to integrate Google home with blynk and I’m not able to use the following ip’s of servers and I could not connect, I pinged cload-blynk but the ip did not respond too, someone could help me?

It’s not really clear what you’re trying to achieve here, and without more information it’s difficult to help.

If you’re trying to interact with a project that’s on one of the Blynk Cloud servers then you need to be using the IP address of the server where that project is located. That’s why pinging from your PC will normally give the correct IP address, unless you were in a different part of the world when you created the project.
As you’re in South America, I’d expect your project to be on the North America server which is


That’s right, my friend, you understand, but this iP I already used and it did not work.
it’s set up like this

So your query is really about IFTTT, as opposed to Google Home.

It’s usually better to use GET rather than PUT.


I used GET instead of PUT but it did not work.
I used the ip but it also did not work.

The syntax of GET and PUT are different.
Follow this example:

Ensure that you’re referencing the virtual or digital pin that you’re using correctly