I lost my projects

Hi guys.
First of all, to say that I do not know if this is the right category, for this, and if it is not, I apologize in advance. The fact is that yesterday I suffered a home accident, and I lost my phone and my tablet, both died drowned. The issue is that I need to recover my projects with blynk, and I do not know how to do it. The problem is that I have several more projects, all with different email accounts, but I do not remember the accounts of those that I have lost, and I do not want to have to build them again. If someone could help me with this I would be very grateful.

Best Regards.

Still not Blynk bug related… but a much closer to proper use of it than everyone using it to ask for help with their bad code :stuck_out_tongue:

All projects are stored on the Server, not the device… so all you need is the login email and passwords… or if forgotten the passwords, then simply use the “Forgot Password” option when logging in.

And if you cannot remember the emails you used… well… I am not sure if the Developers can link your account here with those Cloud accounts you used or not… @Dmitriy ?

Thank you very much, I have been able to recover them.
Unfortunately, I have not had the same luck with my devices, they definitely died.