I just want to share my project

Hello all,

I just want to share one of the projects I have created using Blynk. These are two Honeywell Temp/Humidity sensors: HIH6130.

The top row numbers is a sensor in my Master Bedroom, that is where I see the most change in temperature and humidity inside the house.

The bottom row is a sensor outside in the backyard.

The number are as follow: The first is the Temperature, the second is the Humidity, the third is the Heat Index, and the fourth is the Dew Point.

The graphics show the relationship between Temp and Humidity. top graphic is temp, bottom graphic is humidity. As we can see, Humidity is inverse proportional to temp , how cool, right?

The Heat Index and Dew Point were obtained from the Temp and RH%, they have been checked using this web site: http://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/html/heatindex.shtml

The HIH6130 library (the ccp file) I used was heavily modified using the formulas listed here:

I see lots of projects using the DHT11 and DHT22, the problem with those sensors is the RH%, very very inaccurate things to say the least. The temp seems to be OK.

How do you check them? Very easy and very cheap. Just mix distilled water and salt, put that mix in a container, put the sensor inside without touching the mix, and try to maintain the temp at 72 degrees, if the sensor is a good quality, the humidity should remains or stay at 75%. The container MUST be sealed. The DHT22 is a joke, folks!

I will share the code later and if any one is interested.

The other detail about the HIH6130 is that uses the I2C bus. I my case I have three sensors, right now I monitor only two, but I have three in the same bus. Here is one more and very important detail about this sensor: you can change the address. There are some other nice sensors out there, but I think the HIH6130 is the only that you can change the address very easy.

The DHT22? No idea, I think it uses the serial bus which mean, you need to run at least two wires for each sensor to your controller. They are truly a peace of junk made in a backyard in China.

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Thanks for sharing! Where did you buy these sensors? Do you use a breakboard, or just the chip?

Dear TechAlex,
Could you please tell me which version of iOS and which iOS device are you currently using?


I buy these sensor from this web site:

I think they are located in England, they have an office in New York. I like the SHT25, but as i said, you cannot change the address on this sensor.

These sensor I am using right now are in a little white box, the one in the master bedroom look very nice, then I use Cat5 cable to read the data from the sensors to the ESP8622 installed in my computer room made by Olimex.com located in Bulgaria but I order the ESP8266 from amazon.com. adafruit.com has a very nice one, ESP8266 Feather HAZZMAH, I recommend this one, both ESP8266 made by these companies are 100% Arduino compatible. Then, of course, and thanks to you, I use Blynk to read the data on my Iphone.

Hello ashvetsov:

Currently, I’m using iOS 9.2 , the device is the Iphone 6plus. Isaid “currently” because I have in mind an Android phone. I really like Blynk, I dont see anything else that easy to use.