I didn’t use my Blynk app for a month. now there is no energy in my account

I didn’t use my Blynk app for a month. After I opened my Blynk app in my phone there is no energy in my account. So kindly provide 2000 energy which have lost and provide this 2000 energy as initial energy which you have given at first. And my email id is a.....@gmail.com

Not using your account for extended time (much longer than a month) will typically result in the account being deleted… not removing energy.

Are you sure you didn’t use features that are non-refundable instead… like Sharing?

Either way, instead of posting in someone else’s year old topic, and showing your email address in the public forum (which I have since cleared) and demanding additional energy on Christmas (nice timing though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) please send a PM with your account info to @Dmitriy to look into.

Thank you

@Aakash_Herrold hello, please send your email. I’ll check.