I could not understand the pricing because i am german

Die Migration des alten Blynk-Sketch auf den neuen ist so einfach, lesen Sie dies

Der Plus-Plan kostet nur 7$ bei monatlicher Zahlung und 5$ bei jährlicher Zahlung

I guess that issue is not if you are German or not, I assume it is a joke. the point is how a company can split what is private use or what is commercial use?
One example: an electrician now, can perfect use the same project for a customer and receive money for that using for free a platform.

How can we deal with that?

So far I have paid for the use of the widgets and I even still have a credit balance which will now expire.
How you can tell if I am private or not is up to you. Up to now it has not mattered, the main thing is that I have paid.
I think your approach is a pity, precisely because I have already paid and gladly so. Unfortunately, your new pricing model is simply too expensive for me as a purely private user.
A great pity.

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As @John93 has said, the monthly subscription for the Plus plan is much less than the $50 per month that you’ve mentioned.
This would allow yo to control up to 10 devices.

Why do you think that the Pro plan is needed for your project?


Hi Pete,
that was exactly my question.
What plan do I need for my 4 projects.
I don’t need anything special, neither tables nor anything else, also no Gauges

The plus plan.

It depends how many DEVICES you have, which is a piece of information you’ve not provided yet.


I don’t think we are talking about the same thing.
I currently have 3 esp running and for each one I have created an authcode in the app.
In the app they are called project.
Is that right then?
Sorry to be a pain, but it’s hard to make decisions when you don’t understand everything.

In Legacy you can have multiple devices (ESP’s in your case) in a single project.
You appear to have one device per project, but have now gone from 4 projects…

to 3 projects…

Blynk IoT doesn’t use Projects, instead each device appears as a separate “tile” on the front screen of the app.

The Plus subscription allows up to 10 devices to be controlled, so that will be okay for you.


Hi Pete,
you’ve convinced me.
What do I have to do step by step now?

Do I need to have access to my esp in Spain for the changeover?

Sign-up here…

What other steps you need to take will depend on your existing projects and code.
With your code, it could be as simple as adding a couple of lines to the top of the sketch and inserting the new Auth token, but it’s impossible to say based on the information you’ve provided.

As far as the web console and app are concerned, you will need to create a template (or possibly three) and datastreams for each template, then create your devices from those templates.
This will give you the additional lines of code and new Auth token to copy to the top of your sketches. I’d suggest that you do this in the web console, then set-up the new app to mimic your existing app.

You’ll need to upload new sketches to each of your hardware devices.


need help,
how i can delete a template?
there is no menu

Click on edit.

Hi at all, thankyou for your help. now i did the payment and play a litle bit around with console and app.
I delete my own template in the app and now my app is empty, i create a new quickstart Template, put the code in the sketch but nothing is in the app.
i delete the app and instal new. In the console i see that the template ist online in the serial Monitor i see that blynk is connectet, the template is activatet.
#define BLYNK_DEVICE_NAME “Quickstart Template”
#define BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN “***************************”

What i can do?

Try deleting all of the templates and associated devices in the web console then follow these steps…


Hello all,
I have now played and tested a bit and tried new sketches. So far everything is good.
Now I want to port my running sketches to the new app.
I will add these lines new in the sketch.
Then I need to create new data streams?
Then create a new template
Then create a new device
And finally create all widgets again in the app.
Is this correct?

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