I can't subscribe to my plus line

The card is rejected when subscribing to the plus plan. I purchased a one-time device when it was available from my bank card, but today the purchase is not accepted

@ebda3 hello. is your email starts with wase?

Yes dmitriy

I tried to buy with my card and my friend’s card and the process didn’t work

@ebda3 We saw multiple errors for that email. This what we get from the stripe:

The bank returned the decline code do_not_honor. And code description - Decline codes | Stripe Documentation.

Looks like you have to contact your bank to get more info:

The card has been declined for an unknown reason. The customer needs to contact their card issuer for more information.

Ok, thank you. I will check with the bank

I purchased the plus plan, but I added 8 devices, in addition to the two free devices, they became 10 devices. It seems that the two free devices have become expensive

It’s devices per plan, so when you purchase a plus plan you will get 10 devices, it’s not 8+2.

It should be 10 devices for the plan and two devices as a gift. I am disappointed. I also hope that the organization’s systems will be activated in the plus plan.

@ebda3 I have a question, as far as I know there’s plus widgets and pro widgets, can you tell me what widgets are available in the plus plan please ? I’m planning to upgrade.

No, the free plan has 2 devices.
Plus plan has 10 devices.
Pro plan has 40 devices.

If you were buying a new car, and the standard version came with steel wheels, but you paid more for alloy wheels, would you also expect it to come with the original steel wheels too? Of course that’s not how it works, and Blynk is no different.

Why? It’s clear from the pricing page that this is a Pro feature.


Thank you Pete, what is the difference for blynk when they do not activate the enterprise system in the pluse plan. Is there a reason to make it only in the pro plan? I think that if it is activated in the pluse plan, it will not harm anything and it is important for some subscribers

It’s about providing a package of features that appeal to different categories of users, and charging more for the users that use more of those features.

Organisational features are, by definition, appropriate for businesses and businesses expect to more for software licences than individuals.


@PeteKnight can you tell me what widgets are available in the plus plan please ? there’s plus widgets and pro widgets

It’s like blynk v1 but there are some new things like adding icon button a few changes from blynk v1

@ebda3 can you show me a screenshot please ?

So all widgets are available to use amI right ?

I didn’t understand what you mean