I cannot see devices on my android apps

I am able to see and control my devices on a web browser like chrome, but on the android app I am not able to. Kindly assist. Here is a screenshot of how my mobile app displays and how my desktop account displays

No screenshot posted.

Did you set up a mobile dashboard in your app?


It was there initially, then I deleted all devices since I was not able to connect them, and I am now unable to restore them. But on the web version I can access them. The system does not allow me to post a photo as i am a new user

I’ve increased your access level, so you can now post screenshots.


Thank you. Here are the screenshots, one for the android app and another one for the desktop app same account!
Screenshot (265)|690x387

In the mobile app, if you go to the “About” screen, what does it show for “Server”



Can you send logs from mobile app: About → Send logs → Gmail → Send

I have send them just now.

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Thanks, we will check them and respond later about the solution.

Okay, thanks

I have the same problem like Hadadoh.
I did a device in the web browser. The App cannot find it.
I have the same empty screen in my App.
The server ist blynk.cloud(fra1.blynk.cloud). Not able to change the server.
If I want to add a new template in the App with the same name of the template I already create in the web browser the App told me, that the template already exist. “Organization already has Product with same name”.
So it looks like that the App find the template (device) but is unable to show it.

kind regards

now that is exactly my problem or maybe I have to delete my account and recreate it if there will be no solution. I created a second account and it is working quite fine

@Hadadoh I checked your account - I don’t see any mobile template setup. So looks like you removed existing mobile templates, so it is expected you don’t see the devices. You need to create a new tile and assign required product to it. this is your action:

Thanks Dmitriy. How do I create a new tile. Just learning to use blnky

I created a second account also. With that one, everything works fine (at the moment).