I can´t use api HTTP

Hello, i have one proyect on NodeMCU, this run ok with the app-blink in my iphone, when press button GPIO13 that corresponds with D7 in the NodeMCU.
Well, when open the browser with:

             http://blynk-cloud.com/myTocken/update/D7?value=1  not response. ni send error.

the javascript

var request = new XMLHttpRequest();

request.open(‘GET’, ‘http://blynk-cloud.com/myTocken/update/D7?value=1’);

request.onreadystatechange = function () {
if (this.readyState === 4) {
console.log(‘Status:’, this.status);
console.log(‘Headers:’, this.getAllResponseHeaders());
console.log(‘Body:’, this.responseText);


this response 200, but not put D7 in Higth mode.

I await advice

Can you elaborate on what “not response. ni send error.” actually means in practice?

Have you tried using D13 as your pin in the API call?


Hi Pete,thanks for answering my question. I changed D7 for D13 and it worked fine.

Best regards.