I can not access Administration Panel UI

I start the service with my own server ,It works will with the app.I want to ask wether I need a ssl to access https? or I just enter the address in the browser then I can access to it?

I using the CentOS 7.0.

This is the format and it will depend on your browser and security settings if you can access it or not.

With Chrome it gives you a few warnings but does give you access.

So if I change the address to http instead of https ,Can it still works?

In a word, no, but why don’t you want the s?

Why do you think so?|

What I think is that if I use “https” so that I need to install a ssl certificate in my server. Is this right?

Partially. HTTPS will work by default without your certs as we provide embedded certs. However for better security you may provide certs.

OK. And I want to ask if I am not ceate the server.properties file ,wheather can I access to the administrator page

Just copy and paste the regular server.properties file.

I thought admin panel is only available via https, it is on my system.

OK .Thanks for your help!

I’m assuming you are using your local server locally and that you haven’t exposed the server with poft forwarding. If you have port forwarded then you need to consider security.

I using the third party’s server.Not my local server.And I open the port to access .

Then you should at least restrict access to the admin panel (IP allocation) and create certs as detailed in the full local server setup notes on GitHub.

OK. I will try to make it as you said.