Https:// --->> webhook doesn`t work -->>This website is not protected

Hi, there!

I am trying to control blynk device from external service Yandex Alisa voice service using webhook which looks like that:<my_auth_token>/update/V1?value=1

The problem is that browser (Chrome / IE / etc.) gives back an error: “Certificate error. This web site is not protected.”

If you accept the error in browser, then webhook is running, but there is no possibility to use webhook from voice assistants due to that error.

Any ideas how to overcome it?

Thank you.

Hello. Due to historical reasons blynk-cloud uses self generated certificates, that’s why you see this error. We were planning to switch to Let’s encrypt for public cloud, but we decided to switch to Blynk 2.0 instead. So all our efforts right now are there.

However, you have multiple options:

  1. Use private server with own certs (server can generate Let’s Encrypt);
  2. Use HTTP;
  3. Try to find checkbox somewhere in Alisa settings in order to allow certificates from non public authorities;
  4. You can setup some proxy in the middle;

Hope, that’s help.

Dear Dmitry,

Thank you for you prompt support as always!
I tried the easiest option no.2 and make http get request instead of https one and everything immediately works for me.

…by the way I am Mikhail… :wink:

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