[HTTPS API] how many hours are there in a month?

I am using the Get Device History Data endpoint with a period of MONTH and a granularityType of HOURLY and I would like to know how many hours should i expect from a month.

What type of Blynk subscription do you have (Free, Plus, Pro) ?


The free subscription

Okay, well if you aren’t getting around 720 records, and data was uploaded at least once every hour for the past month, then it will be because of the historical data storage limits…


Thanks Pete, my device has been running on and off so I needed a reference to fill the missing data. But if I were to upgrade to a subscription, is it safe to assume a month would be 30 days?
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That’s not an assumption I would make. As far as I’m concerned months vary in length between 28 and 31 days.

Before upgrading to a paid subscription I’d push data to a pin for more than 7 days and see if your report cuts off at 7 days.