Http:// is down? Why?

Hello All,
I see that the is down from morning. I’m worried if this is reliable for business. Is there not a fail-safe mechanism to keep it up always?

Any idea, thoughts welcome.

Best regards,

Seems ok here. Where in the world are you?


It is still down :frowning:

What does the following url give you;

Why it would be down for me only?

Please answer my question first and then we might be able to answer yours.

Down for me. Albania (Europe)

It may be related to global hackers DNS attack.
Even twitter is not available for some users.

Says down for just me
South Africa

Funny thing. This botnet is IoT bot :slight_smile:. More details -

Me too, I have changed DNS and all is ok

It is again down and it is showing only down for me. It does not seems to be so reliable. :frowning:

The site doesn’t appear to have been down at all so I would say it is reliable.

If it is not accessible for an individual it can be due to routing problems between you and the server. It might be caused by the huge denial of service attack created by hackers. Equally the link from India may have gone down.

I’ve other sites working but faced only with Blynk; Hope these problems are temporary.


Now it’s working for me. Albania (Europe)