Http request not working

I don’t know what seems to be the problem. It was working two weeks back. I am using the same as mentioned in the docs

It isn’t responding. It works great with the app but not when i make http request.

RestApi not working? @Pavel @Dmitriy @Costas @vshymanskyy

@KAUSTUBHAGARWAL is a simple GET request working for you?

Does give you the project details and does /isHardwareConnected return true?

I do get the details of my project after running that in my browser. My hardware is connected.

When I try it using ifttt or automate or from the example in the docs nothing happens, it shows invalid token

So what exactly not working for you? HTTP with IFTTT or Blynk HTTP itself?

Can you please post the exact request? @Lichtsignaal @psoro any help?

I’m really sorry @KAUSTUBHAGARWAL… At the moment I’m not using IFTTT… I only use Tasker from time to time… My “to do list” has no time for more stuff… 24 hours per day is not enough!!


The only thing I have is a curl “script” to test it, I used it only once, so I’m not a big brain on this stuff, but this is what I got and still works:

curl --include --request PUT --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-binary "[\"1\"]"<token here>/pin/V10 -m 5`

It’s a simple thing to call an URL commandline under linux, but the url should match on any platform.