How to use same dashboard and template for different Hardware?

Oaky… I think I got the new blynk 2.0 totally wrong. I Thought I will create template and Dashboard, add the user and each user can control their own hardware (esp32 in my case) from that dashboard independently. But the ting is actually not at all like that. Today I gave an another esp32 to my friend for testing and added him as the user. As, he reconfigured the device, He got the ownership of it and I was able to control his device. The thing got ridiculous.

The previsous Blynk platform was much better. There, I can share my QR Code, which would generate the buttons automatically, they would get separate authentication codes for each Hardware device, which we can input using Over the air and things are done.

My end users just has to scan the QR.

How is it possible to add user and let them use the same dashboard. Or else I have to make device and configure the Dashboard for and every user which just waste of time to us. Because again and again we have to do the same thing. Is there any way to do so.

And it would not be possible also, after “Template Publishing” feature comes.

Could you please explain why?

The way you shared the service and the old Blynk way are totally the same. The only difference it’s not anonymous anymore.

And in new Blynk you only need to invite the user to your org. 1 operation.

Invite them to your org.

Please check this links - Device Sharing - Blynk Documentation and Deploying Products With Dynamic AuthTokens - Blynk Documentation. Hope it helps.

I had read these documentations earlier. Let me explain what we are trying to do in a more clear way.

Suppose I have created 20 Smart Board Devices using esp32. We sold these Smart Boards to 20 different customers and invited them as a user.

How will all the 20 individuals can run their device individually?

In the last case scenario, The second esp32 I gave it to my friend and invited him as a user. He installed tge app created password and logged in to the app. He was able to see the device there. He reconfigured it in order to use. Everything was working fine until i noticed that the switches in my IoT dashboards were on. If i turned them off the devices of my friends were switching. In simple words, I was able to control my friend’s appliances.

Why is this happening and how can I solve it. Maybe there was some some mistake in setting up the things. Can you please explain the exact way to do this. So that I dont have to create the dashboard again and again.

And one more thing I would like to ask. If same user want to buy the same product more then 1 then what? And obviously they will because home automation is not for a single room. The Smart Board we had made,(Working Successfully with old blynk) needed to be installed in place of all the existing boards in order to automate the full house. Can you please what’s the solution to this?

We want the app to work in this manner. As shown in this video, Please let us know how can we do that.

Link To Video: A Complete Smart Home Product at affordable price | Smarden Blaze + 4 - YouTube

You need to wait for the Template Publishing. When Template publishing is ready. Your flow will look like this:

  • Create a Template “Smart Board” for devices (using esp32 in your case)
  • Go to “Publishing” section
  • In the publishing section, you need to select “Smart Board” template and click “Publish”
  • Now, every registered user (not invited) can see your template and provision the device “Smart Board”

That’s it. Template Publsihing is something already done and works for many years for out White Label clients. In Blynk Cloud it’s more complex flow, so we need time to finish it.

Correct. That’s the main use case for the small businesses and that’s what Blynk 2.0 solves in the first place.

With Template Publishing:

  • Create a new Template “Smart Board 2”
  • Go to “Publishing” section
  • In the publishing section, you need to select “Smart Board 2” template and click “Publish”
  • Now, every registered user (not invited) can see your Smart Board 2 template and provision the device “Smart Board 2”

It will be done in the same way as in your provided video.

I see… Thats great to gear… We are ready to help you out in any possible ways. And eagerly waiting for the update. Hope you will be successful soon.

Thanks for the details.

Thanks a lot again…
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