How to use Google Home + Blynk with ESP8266 { without " IFTTT " }


New Google Home UI


I am able to use IFTT and Blynk with Google Home, but I now want to make it stateful, for example when I say turn on the lights, it actually checks the status and only turn on if it is off, or tells me that the lights are already turned on, is that possible - Thanks




can you point me in right direction, like where to start from or any tutorial if you can suggest - Thanks


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you need to read more and you will find all your answers in this topic .

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Ze_Pico, thanks a lot for sharing this info! Realy cool! The only problem I have now (or rather inconvenience), that I have window blinds and they have the position from 0 (closed) to 100 (opened) and there is no compatible device for them. I’m forced to use lights device for the blinds as it has the needed action (brightness). Everything works fine with no delay, just sounds a bit confusing, when the Google says, that it sets up the brightness for the blinds :slight_smile:



We have to wait. I think it will be available soon for GH.
for Amazon Alexa you can build you own skill .

other solutions that works

now they use MySmartBlinds application instead

if you are using a stepper motor for your Blinds here is a good video for HA and Alexa.


@Ze_Pico, thanks for the info. Didn’t want to mix Alexas with GH, But… maybe it’s worth doing. We’ll see.


Node Red nodes for Sinric


node-red-contrib-sinric-ws is not published to NPM repo yet because it is still in premature stage and experimental. If you want to experiment with you, you’ll have to manually install it using following steps.

  • Goto to your Node Red user directory.
    • In Linux/Mac, it’s usually in ~/.node-red
    • In Windows, it will be under C:\Users\<Your Username>\.node-red
  • Run the following command:
    • npm install mayankraichura/node-red-contrib-sinric-ws
  • Restart Node-Red.