How to turn on a LED with Blynk on esp32 (micropython)

How do I turn on a LED on esp32 with Blynk ?

Library used: blynklib_mp
micropython version: v1.11
python version: 3.8
board used: ESP 32 dev. board

I use the button as a switch on the GUI on the blynk.
Output: Digital, gp2
Mode: Switch

The questions:

  1. How do i get the value from blynk apps?

-I know how to setup wifi connection .
-I saw reference from the
are getting data from the esp32 but no sending out data to the esp32.

Is there any reason why you’re using uPython on an ESP?
Most people use C++ and there is much more documentation on this, and the library is much more highly developed.

You should use virtual pins for what you’re describing.


Hi PeteKnight,
Thanks for your reply.
Because my project is banned to use Arduino. So I have to choose to use MicroPython.
Due to the reason, you said.

Virtual pins ok

Tq again. Pete