How to transfer variable from BLYNK_WRITE to mai loop

Hi guys.
I got a routine in main loop and it works fine. It has quite a lot variables thus I’m not so happy to move them from main loop - us you suggest - to several procedures. Is there any chance to change variable in main loop through Blynk?

I have lots of horse and buggy options, so I don’t want to use cars on roads, as is the norm in this area… any ideas? :horse:

Blynk works by constantly running in the background and in the void loop() This is due to the requirements of constant back and forth communication in an IoT setup, bottle necking that loop with pre-IoT programming methods is not advised.

We teach the new methods over old methods, not how to reinvent the :sauropod: (except the ESP-01… I am hanging on to that a little longer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

You will have a harder time maintaining any kind of Blynk stability and functionality if you don’t adapt to some relatively simple moving of all your ‘variables’ from the main loop into timed loops :wink:

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