How to switch from remote to local server on raspi?

Hi Blynkers,

i am just new to blynk and started my first project using the remote server. It was working fine.

Now i installed blynk locally on a raspberry pi. I deleted my test projects on the remote server… But now i have no idea how i can build my further projects using the raspberry. My sketches on the esp’s and Arduino address the raspberry but receive the message ‘Invalid auth token’.

BTW: While trying i unfortunately deleted my admin accout . How can i restore it? How can i add new users?

I thank you everybody in advance for your time and helpful answers.

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Each and every server is it’s own entity, so any accounts generated on a particular server are only for that server (Blynk plays some fancy GEO DNS mirroring or redirection when using their three separate Cloud Servers, so as to act as just the “Blynk Cloud”).

Same with any AUTHs generated on any one account/project/device, is only for use within that account/project/device.

So assuming you first cloned your projects over to your new account on your Local Server, then you need to update each and every device with the new AUTHs. If not, then you will need to recreate your App projects as well as update the device auths.

If you wiped out the admin account, best I can think of quickly is reinstall the whole Server??? or at least reload/rebuild the properties files.

Then you create new accounts via the App, after first directing it to your custom server IP.



thanks a lot for your quick answer which helped me and solved my problem.

Good idea to reinstall Blynk on the raspberry…

Now it is running as expected.

Have a good time, stay healthy.

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