How to store incoming Terminal char?

Hi there,
how do i store an incoming terminal character as char ?
For example if I send from blynk app via Terminal Widget some text how to store it for later use ?

The idea is to be able to setup wifi connection on an ESP via Terminal.
If the device is powered up with a pressed button it will go into setup mode.
It will connect to a preset SSID and PASS (hotspot on phone) so i can connect to it
Via Terminal i will set new SSID and PASS wich the device will store in EEPROM
The the device is booted normaly and reads the EEPROM and connect to the set SSID


I don’t think there is a param.asChar option, so param.asString is what you’d need to use…
String terminal_data = param.asString();

Personally, I’d use a couple of text input widgets rather than a the Terminal widget.

Well, actually, I wouldn’t do either - I’d use WiFiManager instead.


Thx Pete, I already geting used to WifiManager :slight_smile:
Thanks again