How to share 1 button or a part of project?

how can i how to share only a part of my project not all ?!

It’s not currently possible.
A workaround could be to create another project with just the controls you want to share, and use Bridge code to emulate the functions of the main project.

Another way is to use Node-Red to achieve the same thing. Once you have Node-Red set up, bridging different projects is much simpler.


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thanks for reply.
please tell me hot to set 2 auth in 1 device

You can’t.
You create a new project (the cut-down version) and it gets an Auth code.
You then use Bridge code to bridge commands between the two Auth codes.


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This is not very good. In my opinion, this is a big problem

Bridge is very easy to use.

This is the free/low cost development side of Blynk, there are some minor limitations… If you want a better way, you can always sign up for a subscription.

Meanwhile as suggested a 2nd project on a low cost ESP8266 (primarily for the code to run on) and using Bridge to control the “master” device is very simple way to do what you want.

And while I haven’t tried it… perhaps you could even do it without a 2nd device (at least not physically present, you still need to tell the App there is something) and try using the Webhooks to send the API commands in lew of Bridge.

I just tested this with a couple of Webhooks and buttons, each pair on same vPins and sending a 1 or 0 to another projects vPin… very easy.

Less sophisticated than code as I needed the two buttons, one for each 0 & 1 action, but perhaps using Eventor might benefit there as well.


Each webhook had the appropriate API command with the AUTH and vPin of the master project.



Thanks Gunner. Works like a charm. Spent most of last evening trying to figure out a way to share a webhook with someone, without revealing the auth or being forced to use asecond board.

On that note - perhaps someone is well versed in the html/javascript world. Is there an easy way of creating a web button/form/script and sending the same webhook without revealing the auth ? Just curious. Everything I tried gave me an access to the auth in the end but then again, I’m not that familiar with it.

I suppose you could create your seperate webhook project on your account… then just leave it running and share it to the end user.

That’s the current plan. What I meant was if there’s a way of using something outside of the Blynk app. Simple website hosted somewhere with a script / form sending the hook in a ‘discreet’ manner. But for now, your solution works for me so thanks again.

Probably 1/2 dozen ways… but somthing has to host the website or whatever and hosting probably costs and/or needs some maintenance. Thus the cheapest/simplest would likely be another dedicated ESP or somthing running the Bridge code.

For example, I have an RPi running my Local Server 24/7 and linked via ethernet to my router… so for me, simply running a seperate Python or NodeJS client, just for bridging purposes, would be the way to go. My RPi 3B can easily handle many, many, much independent clients along with the server.

Fair point. Will keep it in mind. Advice as always, highly appreciated.

I found one way for you to send a webhook/URL command to your Blynk project from another App creator option.

Google MIT App Inventor 2 where you can create an open source App that has, for example, a couple of buttons that send their API commands to your Blynk project…

I started with their intro app and added a couple of buttons that turn on and off a vPin in one of my projects.


WEB1 and WEB2 contained the needed Blynk API URLs…


I then created the .APK, loaded it on to my phone and it worked just fine (and no apparent way for the end user to see the inner workings). Not quite as easy as Blynk (but then I have been using Blynk for over two years :smile: ) but might be OK for your needs.